Boulevard Burger House 
Logo lettering and wall made to be part of the Boulevard Burger House, located in the center of Porto, Portugal.
🇧🇷 Logo lettering e parede feita para ambientar o espaço da hamburgueria Boulevard, localizada no centro do Porto-PT. 

With reference to the 19th century, a period when the Industrial Revolution was in full swing, the concept "Diner" was born in the USA, which over time became popular and conquered other places in the world. It is from this context that the Boulevard Burger House, is inspired by the American Diner tradition to create its menu. Following this briefing, a lettering logo was created with some illustrations, in order to bring this  concept to the environment in visual language and complement the restaurant's Interior Design project. 
🇧🇷 Com referência no séc.19, período em que a Revolução Industrial  estava a todo vapor, nascia nos EUA o conceito "Diner" que com o passar do tempo se popularizou e conquistou outros lugares do mundo. É a partir desse contexto, que a hamburgueria Boulevard  ( "grande avenida" ),  se inspira na tradição do Diner Americano para criar o seu menu. Seguindo esse briefing, foi criado um logo lettering com algumas ilustrações, afim de trazer ao ambiente esse conceito em linguagem visual e complementar o projeto de Design de Interiores do restaurante.

Creation Time  
Logo lettering and illustrations  -
  5 days
On-site painting
( pintura in loco ) -  3 days

marker with water-based paint and dry pastel chalk. ​​​​​

Photos Making Of by Luis Moura.
( concept )
( digital sketch  )
( painting  )


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